Realize your IT potential with digital transformation consulting

Successfully transforming your IT ecosystem isn’t just about software. You need the right people and the right processes in place to make sure that your new systems deliver the business value you’re looking for. sancreton’s digital transformation consulting services will help you develop the adoption initiatives, governance structures, and analytical capabilities you need to get the most out of your IT investments.

We can help you at every stage of your digital transformation

Deep expertise

Our consultants have an average tenure of between 4.5 and 9.5 years and complete about 1700 projects each year across the span of Digital Enterprise Management subject areas.

Global program management

We provide consolidated, efficient management across all of your IT groups involved globally in sancreton projects to eliminate redundant work across regions, standardize implementations, and globally track business impact.

Proven methodology backed by IP

Draw on our best practices and frameworks for how to integrate service components, and our case study library to apply lessons learned to your business case.

Outcome-driven engagements

Insight! service engagements focus on business process and organizational change specific to your solution with a tailored business plan. Customers can implement on their own or work with us through Accelerate! engagements—prescriptive value cases that allow for an agile and iterative approach.

  • Accelerate! for Service Catalog
    Accelerate! for Service Catalog provides a prescriptive approach to capturing and modeling IT services aligned to business value. We’ll implement changes with you in the short term while defining a roadmap of ongoing activities to drive long-term benefits. Our team of experts provides templates and industry standard service definitions that enable you to rapidly grow your service catalog and deliver improved customer service. Together, we will:
    • Enterprise Option: Define 5 business or technical services, and their supporting services (up to 20 services total)
    • Rapid Delivery Option: Define 2 business or technical services and their supporting services (up to 8 service total)
    • Establish the service taxonomy and data model for future definition of services
    • Implement the defined services and offerings in Remedy Service Management Suite
    • Review best practices for service categorization and industry examples
    • Establish the complete process framework or a simple definition playbook depending upon your service option
    • Develop recommendations and a roadmap for your long term success

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Accelerate! for Asset Management
    Accelerate! for Asset Management is a proven and prescriptive approach to help our customers increase the success rate and speed the time-to-value for their digital IT asset management (ITAM) service initiatives. Accelerate! for Asset Management provides service options to accelerate the planning, definition, delivery, and management of business and IT asset management. Our team of experts provides templates and industry best-practice service definitions that enable you to effectively manage your IT asset environment. Together, we will:
    • Define an ITAM strategy based on your specific ITAM classes
    • Create an ITAM functional architecture—a definition of the process, tools, and data sources necessary for managing digital ITAM
    • Deliver ITAM policies, processes, and governance aligned to your organization
    • Provide asset management work instructions designed to integrate with Remedy Asset Management
    • Provide a communication plan and roll-out schedule for your organization
    • Provide roles and responsibilities to provide your team with clarity of ITAM organizational structure

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Accelerate! for Digital Service Deployment
    Accelerate! for Digital Service Deployment is built with the end user in mind. IT organizations adopting an accelerated approach to digital service delivery can support key business initiatives such as the digital workplace, digital marketplace, self-service, and process automation with an iterative, reliable delivery capability. Whether you are re-defining existing services or employee onboarding, or working with the development team to bring new services to market with velocity, our Digital Service Deployment offering using MyIT Service Broker will make a difference. The engagement uses best-of-breed rapid delivery principles from frameworks such as Agile and Kanban to deliver operational outcomes with each sprint.
    • Define and model new digital services linked to key business initiatives and value statements
    • Fulfill and broker the delivery of new digital service within the complex ecosystem of technologies and service providers
    • Establish the required systems, tools, and data architecture to enable successful delivery and support of the new digital services
    • Understand capability gaps to achieve excellence in service outcomes, help prioritize new requirements, and implement continuous improvement processes

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Accelerate! for Process Alignment
    Accelerate! for Process Alignment helps you get the most out of your sancreton technology solution with a comprehensive set of policies, processes, and procedures aligned to our technology platforms and designed to maximize the value of your investment by ensuring adoption in your organization. sancreton’s prescriptive approach features a series of Process Workshops. This two-to-four week activity will help you take the right first step to transforming your IT processes and organizational structure. To accelerate the planning, definition, delivery, and management of business and IT services, our team of experts will provide templates and industry standard service definitions that enable you to grow. Our consultants will:
    • Work with you to detail your current and future requirements across the services you provide, your processes, and organizational structure
    • Review best practices including relevant ITIL®, COBIT, and ISO standards
    • Develop a set of requirements necessary to fulfill your business objectives followed by prioritization of the identified requirements
    • Review risks, changes, and organizational readiness to ensure you have a comprehensive plan for IT service management transformation.

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

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What to look for in digital transformation consulting

Total transformation guidance

  • Comprehensive transformation roadmaps
  • Alignment of people and processes
  • Detailed readiness assessments
  • Governance structures for long-term success
  • Compliance with ITIL and industry best practices
  • Best practices for IT value measures

Value-driven approach

  • Every change linked to a business value
  • Metrics for tracking value as it’s realized
  • Regular check-ins to stay on track
  • Foundation for a value-driven IT culture

Collaboration and communication

  • Key players from business and IT—on the same page
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Transparent, well-articulated transformation plans
  • Accountability and stakeholder support