Transforming healthcare IT for tomorrow's needs.

Today’s healthcare organizations face a swirling cluster of competing IT initiatives. Navigating this landscape is not for the faint of heart. Organizations that are serious about transformation and IT optimization will need help to sort through the noise, develop a reasonable plan, and get them to the other side in a reasonable and measured way. The rewards are great, as are the risks of failure.

We can help you at every stage of your digital transformation

Deep expertise

Healthcare innovation and regulation is changing the way you engage your customers. Free your developers and R&D department to develop new applications with self-service access to resources. Lower application delivery costs and experiment with new training, customer service, and marketing applications. Deliver new applications with Cloud Management automation and control.

Global program management

We provide consolidated, efficient management across all of your IT groups involved globally in sancreton projects to eliminate redundant work across regions, standardize implementations, and globally track business impact.

Proven methodology backed by IP

There's a place in the cloud for your customers' health data. Protect sensitive health information and comply with such regulations as HIPAA using governance and auditing features built for the cloud. Place data and workloads where you need them, based on SLAs, data residency requirements, and Business Associates Agreements..

The situation today

The healthcare industry is being dramatically impacted by the ongoing digital revolution. From the trillions of bytes of information created by electronic health records, to the patient’s desire to have ready access to that information, healthcare is rapidly moving towards a digital-first environment where personalized medicine and the empowered patient is the norm. This move is placing unprecedented demands on healthcare IT departments and their ability to deliver stable services while fueling innovation. A number of trends in healthcare present challenges to a traditional IT approach as well as opportunities to embrace innovation to transform service delivery..

Addressing IT Challenges Across the Healthcare Industry


Let our experts help you migrate to the right cloud at the right time, while providing the white-glove support you need to meet growing regulatory overhead and increased consumer demands.

Investment Firms

Get access to the highly performant, on-demand processing you need to maximize data algorithms and stay ahead of the competition.


With our experts managing your noncore systems, your teams are free to focus on innovative new offerings, improved customer experience and enhanced service delivery models.