Realize your IT potential with digital transformation consulting

Successfully transforming your IT ecosystem isn’t just about software. You need the right people and the right processes in place to make sure that your new systems deliver the business value you’re looking for. sancreton’s digital transformation consulting services will help you develop the adoption initiatives, governance structures, and analytical capabilities you need to get the most out of your IT investments.

We can help you at every stage of your digital transformation

Deep expertise

Our consultants have an average tenure of between 4.5 and 9.5 years and complete about 1700 projects each year across the span of Digital Enterprise Management subject areas.

Global program management

We provide consolidated, efficient management across all of your IT groups involved globally in sancreton projects to eliminate redundant work across regions, standardize implementations, and globally track business impact.

Proven methodology backed by IP

Draw on our best practices and frameworks for how to integrate service components, and our case study library to apply lessons learned to your business case.

Outcome-driven engagements

Insight! service engagements focus on business process and organizational change specific to your solution with a tailored business plan. Customers can implement on their own or work with us through Accelerate! engagements—prescriptive value cases that allow for an agile and iterative approach.

  • Insight! for Digital Transformation
    Insight! for Digital Transformation provides a detailed action plan driven specifically by your business requirements. At the end of the workshop, you will understand the level of effort, risk, and changes that are necessary to achieve your strategic goals. This five day engagement will help you define a three-to-five year roadmap. Our consultants use an interactive workshop format to perform the following:
    • Present leadership an understanding of transformation opportunities, potential benefits, and application to business objectives
    • Create an IT transformation reference model aligned to the specific goals of your organization
    • Analyze your current IT environment across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures
    • Detail the current state, pain points, negatives consequences, and recommendations required to achieve your objectives
    • Provide a list of quick wins and priorities to achieve momentum and build consensus
    • Present a logical topography to graphically illustrate the proposed transformative environment

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Insight! for Operational Readiness
    Insight! for Operational Readiness is designed to prepare organizations to roll-out their Digital Enterprise Management solution. Using proven sancreton best practices from countless go-live and operational adoption projects, sancreton will guide and assist customers through the most difficult part of a project – go live. Insight! for Operational Readiness provides service options for as many as your team requires for operational go-live success. Typically, customers require 15-20 days of assistance. The primary activities performed during this engagement include:
    • Articulate the business drivers, strategy, and intended outcomes
    • Evaluate project team members’ education and skills, recommending supplemental education where needed
    • Outline required communications activity
    • Initiate stakeholder management
    • Identify a network of change agents within the organization

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Accelerate! for Digital Enterprise Management Roadmap
    Accelerate! for Digital Enterprise Management Roadmap is designed to help IT leaders define and align high level objectives with corporate digital business goals and build these goals into a strategic plan and roadmap. Our engagement provides guidance, risk mitigation, and value realization to assist your organization’s adoption of Digital Enterprise Management and derive the greatest benefit from your investment in sancreton solutions. Our transformation architects will work with you to develop:
    • Current state, future state, and gap analysis of readiness and capabilities
    • Recommendations to address technology, process, and skills gaps to successfully deliver against milestones and measure success
    • An 18-36-month roadmap showcasing specific capabilities sancreton solutions are expected to provide to your organization
    • An executive-ready presentation on the major findings and recommendations

    This product is available as a standalone offering.