Expert Guidance to plan, design and migrate to your GCP workloads

Google Compute Engine (GCP) is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service product that lets organizations access the same scalable and efficient infrastructure that powers Google. GCP reduces the time to scale up for tasks that require large amounts of computing power to up to tens of thousands of cores. It is part of a high-speed, dedicated fiber network that offers free bandwidth among Google data centers and Google services such as AppEngine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, YouTube, and the Google Play app store.

We can help you at every stage of your migration to AWS

Deep AWS Expertise

Access to expertise and experience across core pillars of AWS, including security, availability and resiliency, and cost-efficiency

Operate Efficiently at Scale

Maintain automated, massively scalable deployments with a unified interface for provisioning, configuration, monitoring, automation, auditing, and governance.

Migrate with Confidence

Our team has developed a tried and tested cloud migration methodology that helps maximize, optimize and accelerate investment in AWS technologies. This methodology and our hands-on project management experience enable our customers to transform their IT operations by simplifying and optimizing the feature-rich AWS environment while reducing the risks and resources required to move to AWS.

Adherence to AWS Well-Architected Framework

All solutions architectures are aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

AWS Platform Security and Compliance

Dive deep into the AWS security and shared responsibility model to learn how to secure and govern your cloud environment via cloud-based controls and policies.

  • Creation of security control mapping between cloud primitives and security controls
  • VPC, IAM, logging, and auditing capabilities and patterns
  • Definition of roles, accountabilities and responsibilities for cloud security and creation of an IAM model to map to your infrastructure

Sample Resilient and Distributed Architecture

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