Windows Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. With Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Storage, several of Azure’s IaaS offerings, our experts can easily deploy and run Windows Server- and Linux-based applications. Virtual Machines are a scalable, resilient foundation for applications that require significant customization and control, including enterprise applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, and Microsoft SharePoint Server.


Scale and Automate Applications on Windows Azure

Operate at Scale

Maintain automated, massively scalable deployments across Windows Azure regions and accounts. Reduce downtime by using predictable, pre-built, best-practice architectures

Integrate with Hybrid Clouds

Link Windows Azure to your hybrid cloud for application portability and visibility.

Proven methodology backed by IP

Draw on our best practices and frameworks for how to integrate service components, and our case study library to apply lessons learned to your business case.

Outcome-driven engagements

Insight! service engagements focus on business process and organizational change specific to your solution with a tailored business plan. Customers can implement on their own or work with us through Accelerate! engagements—prescriptive value cases that allow for an agile and iterative approach.

A Highly Available, Resilient and Distributed N-Tier Azure Architecture

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